Fashionista Teens

a division of Fashionista Modeling




 Fashionista Teens is very proud to welcome teen model Hannah to an exclusive model management contract. Hannah is a highly talented models with great posing skills. Her modeling goals are to do high fashion work and eventually become a Victoria's Secret model.



 Fashionista Teens is excited to host new under 12 model Leiliana as Fashionista Modeling prepares to launch the Kid Fashionistas site and brand.



 Fashionista Teens has launched it's own website but still remains a part of Fashionista Modeling Group 

 The teen brands of Fashionista Modeling include: Fashionista Teens, iTeen Modeling, Teen Fashionistas, Destructive Teens and coming soon Third Coast Teens for teen swimsuit models and Kid Fashionistas for kid models 7-12 years old.